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. Your skincare routine is one way to show yourself some tlc and make sure you're keeping your body's largest organ (your skin) happy and healthy. A proper skincare routine is not about using a lot of products but using the right products in the right way.

Your Skincare Routine Guide Femina In
Your Skincare Routine Guide Femina In from

While many routine guides focus on ph, there are a few factors that play a role in routine order. Want to learn more about makeup and beauty? Skin care routine for oily skin.

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There's no 'right' answer that will apply to every product, but some factors to consider include We interviewed top dermatologists and licensed estheticians for skin care order. Lifestyle, pollution, stress and the sun's uv rays can cause skin damage. A common, inexpensive product found in most people's medicine cabinets, petroleum jelly, can have multiple skin care uses for the entire family.