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. Obedience, housebreaking, problem solving, etc. The complete list (137 breeds).

Top 5 Smartest Dogs Keepdoggiesafe Com Keep Doggie Safe
Top 5 Smartest Dogs Keepdoggiesafe Com Keep Doggie Safe from

We discuss the smartest large dog breeds and some of the rewards and requirements to owning them. Unequivocally, smart dogs is one of the best…mary adds her deep appreciation and understanding of a dog's heart and soul…and i also travel a long training at smart dogs has been an enjoyable experience. We are among the most experienced & successful dog trainers in the us.

But pet behavior specialist sarah hodgson says it's all relative.

It's more likely that any problem behavior can be easily and quickly fixed with a smart dog, which decreases risk of. However, a particular breed's smartness is judged based on two qualities only: Otherwise they might find their own activities to entertain themselves that aren't always ideal, such as tearing up your sofa. Although many people believe that they have the smartest dog in the world, this is not true.